Data privacy policy

RMTsoft GmbH & Co. KG undertakes to protect the personal information you share with us. This data privacy policy explains the procedures used for recording data and when using the website (1) (referred to as the “website”) and (2) the RMTsoft products. When accessing the website or registering your RMTsoft product, you consent to the procedures for recording data and using this website as explained in this data privacy policy.

Data privacy policy

RMTsoft GmbH & Co. KG may ask you for information that identifies you personally (personal data) or allows RMTsoft GmbH & Co. KG to contact you to offer a service or execute a process you have requested. The personal data required may include your name, your title, the name of the company or organisation, a business e-mail address, a business phone number, a company or private address, information about your professional role, information about your company and credit card information.

The website can also store information about your visit such as the name of the internet provider and the IP address (Internet Protocol address) you use to access the internet, the date and time you accessed the website, the pages you access during your visit and the website address from which you were redirected to our website. This information helps us improve our website, discover trends and manage the website. RMTsoft GmbH & Co. KG can also record information about your hardware and software to provide a service you have ordered. The technical community of RMTsoft GmbH & Co. KG offers you the option of interacting with employees, experts and your friends to exchange knowledge and news about RMTsoft GmbH & Co. KG products and the corresponding technologies. To prevent your e-mail address or other personal data from being recorded and used by others for inappropriate or damaging purposes, RMTsoft GmbH & Co. KG advises that you act with care when disclosing an actual e-mail address or other personal data in newsgroups, chats or other public forums.

Use of personal data

Your personal data recorded by RMTsoft GmbH & Co. KG can be used in the following manner:

  • To operate this website and perform the service(s) or transaction(s) requested or approved by you
  • To make our customer service more effective
  • To improve the website
  • To improve related RMTsoft GmbH & Co. KG products or services
  • To simplify use of the website by preventing you from having to enter the same information repeatedly or by adapting the website to your special preferences or interests
  • To ensure consistent user experiences in your interactions with RMTsoft GmbH & Co. KG (the information recorded on can be combined with information from other RMTsoft GmbH & Co. KG services)
  • To send you important information about products or services that you use, including important updates and notifications
  • To provide information regarding other products and services of RMTsoft GmbH & Co. KG
  • To share information with partners of RMTsoft GmbH & Co. KG so that they can send you information regarding their products and services.
  • To release data about website visits to anonymous demographic information bodies for research purposes and in order to offer more suitable content
  • To combine data about your visit to the website with your personal data, however only with your consent, in order to display personalised content (if you do not give your consent, RMTsoft GmbH & Co. KG will not offer you personalised services and will not combine your personal data with the data from your website visit)
  • To adapt links or similar technologies, to track e-mail links that you click on when you sign up for a newsletter or consent to receive promotional e-mails
  • To link this information with your personal data in order to offer customised e-mails or sales information (each e-mail notification contains an unsubscribe link so that you can unsubscribe from this type of notification)
  • To offer limited services by other companies on our behalf such as web hosting, packaging and shipping, provision of price information, answering customer enquiries regarding products and services, sending information regarding our products, special offers and other services (these companies will only receive the personal data they require to provide the service, this information must be treated as confidential and may not be used for other purposes)
  • To disclose personal data if this is required by law or we have a good faith belief that this is necessary to a) comply with legal requirements or other regulations that apply to the website or RMTsoft GmbH & Co. KG, b) protect or defend the rights and property of RMTsoft GmbH & Co. KG and the website group or c) to, in particularly urgent circumstances, protect the personal safety of employees or representatives of RMTsoft GmbH & Co. KG from users of the products or services provided by RMTsoft GmbH & Co. KG or from members of the public.

Personal data recorded on this website may be stored and processed in any country containing a RMTsoft GmbH & Co. KG branch, subsidiary or representative. By using this website you consent to this data transfer outside of your country. RMTsoft GmbH & Co. KG complies with the laws and regulations regarding collection, use, transfer and storage of data by RMTsoft GmbH & Co. KG

Monitoring your personal data

Unless otherwise indicated in this policy, the personal data provided by you to this website will not be used outside of RMTsoft GmbH & Co. KG or its branches and subsidiaries without your consent. As explained in the section below, you can access your personal data and decide how you would like to be contacted.

Please note that this data privacy policy and the selection criteria you may encounter on this website do not necessarily apply to the personal data you have disclosed to RMTsoft GmbH & Co. KG in the context of other, separate RMTsoft GmbH & Co. KG products and services. can send regular e-mails that will inform you about our technical services or safety topics related to the products or services you have ordered or that confirm your order of a product or a service. For some services offered on, contact with the customer is a crucial part of the service. For this reason you cannot unsubscribe from these e-mail notifications, as they are regarded as essential to the service you have selected.

Safety of your personal data

RMTsoft GmbH & Co. KG undertakes to protect the safety of your personal data. RMTsoft GmbH & Co. KG uses a variety of safety technologies and procedures to protect your personal data from unauthorised access, use or publication. For instance RMTsoft GmbH & Co. KG saves the transmitted personal data on computer servers with restricted access located in monitored facilities. In addition RMTsoft GmbH & Co. KG encrypts transmitted sensitive personal data (such as credit card numbers) e.g. by using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol.

Protection of children’s personal information is a website for a general audience and does not knowingly record the personal data of children.

Use of cookies

RMTsoft GmbH & Co. KG uses cookies on this website to verify the correctness of the registration process and to personalise the website. A cookie is a small text file saved by a website server on your hard drive, which cannot be used to start programs or transfer viruses to your computer. Web beacons or action tags may be used to support the transfer of cookies. This technology is a tool used to create statistics related to the use of the website, such as for instance the number of visitors who have clicked key elements (links or graphics) or have used a blog or newsletter. We may use these collected website statistics together with partner companies. You have the option to accept or reject cookies. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies but you can usually change this in your browser settings in order to reject cookies. If you decide to reject cookies, you may not be able to use all interactive functions of the website.

Assertion of rights under this data privacy policy

Should you have questions regarding this data privacy policy, please contact RMTsoft GmbH & Co. KG

Recording RMTsoft product usage informationn

If you are using RMTsoft products, RMTsoft may collect information on a variety of levels from you and/or your RMTsoft system. The type of information is based on how much information you wish to provide.

  • Registration: When registering your RMTsoft product, you provide us with the following information:
  • E-mail address (is linked to your RMTsoft account)
  • The serial number of your RMTsoft products
  • The country in which you are using the system.

If you decide not to register your RMTsoft product with us, no personal data will be transmitted.